To the Person Who Left

You couldn’t see it, or

You turned a blind eye

To my forgiving spirit. A fool

For letting you tread on me,

Leaving footprints on my heart.


I’m sorry you confused the

Ability to love unconditionally

As fragility. There is power

In continuing to cherish someone

Who deserves emptiness.


I’m sorry you overlooked

My devotion so strong,

it carried the both of us.

You look at me with sympathy,

But it is I who pity you.


You lost a loyal love.

You failed to appreciate

The Goddess in me. You never

Noticed how I held myself together,

So you were able to break apart

And leave.


But I gained a love for

Myself so deep,

The imprints on my heart faded.

And I continue to live full

And radiant.


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