Chosen Sister

The shadow of flames Dance across her face. It is not the fire, but her That provides the light. Lulled into a trance That only her smile Pulls me out of.   As we sit around the Sparkling logs, I realize I love her. Not a romantic love, But the love a daughter has For … More Chosen Sister

Rip Current

  At his touch, I dive right in. His fingers brush through My ginger waves, and she is a Distant memory, A boat too far from shore To make out. For too long, I’ve known About her, yet I still play Dumb, pretending that I’m the Only one to taste his salty lips, Or bury … More Rip Current


I constantly feel pressure To be whole. I need to mend the pieces Of my broken heart. My damaged relationships Demand patience And glue.   Yes, I’m broken. I’ve been torn down, My entire being shattered that Even if I wanted to pick up The pieces, I wouldn’t Find them all.   What you fail … More Pieces

Baby Brother

  Timid tears rolled down Freckled and crimson cheeks, His tiny fingers clutching mine, On his first day.   Charcoal bicycle tires Wavered over chalked pavement. A toothless grin under A helmet too big.   It’s been too long Since those hands latched mine. He towers over me now, A baby face peeking out from … More Baby Brother

Warm Beer

I’ll be there, he says. Like a sunrise, A smile rises on my face. I anticipate his long fingers Dancing along the ridges Of my spine.   I can almost hear his soft Whispers, inducing my heart To pulse to its rhythm. I’m eager to take in his scent Of autumn leaves and Coconut oil. … More Warm Beer