Chosen Sister

The shadow of flames

Dance across her face.

It is not the fire, but her

That provides the light.

Lulled into a trance

That only her smile

Pulls me out of.


As we sit around the

Sparkling logs, I realize

I love her.

Not a romantic love,

But the love a daughter has

For her mother,

Unconditional and



In times of distress,

When I struggle to breathe

Between the sobs and

Salty wetness of my lips,

Her voice is a lullaby.

I drift out of heartbreak,

and into her glowing flare.


She is magnificent.

Her eyes a mirror,

But when I look deep into

Those amber irises,

I don’t see my reflection.

I see who I long to be.


I see open arms,

Ready to embrace love

Even after it’s left violet

Bruises.  I see a

Shining beacon in a

Sea of misery.


The blaze fades into

The dusk, and we’re left

Sitting in the dark, but

I’m not fearful, for the fire

Is not gone.


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