Budget Vegan Stir-Fry

Between paying bills, rent, and a minimum wage summer internship, I have been balling on a very tight budget. Buying groceries moved down to the bottom of my list, and I’ve been forced to work with the few things I found in my pantry. I had a bag of frozen cauliflower, peas, and a can of green beans, as well as some rice. I decided that I was going to attempt to wrestle that up into a stir-fry!

I threw the veggies into a pan, because what college apartment kitchen has a wok? With a little bit of coconut oil, random spices, and soy sauce from Chinese takeout, I made something that resembled a stir fry. That, with the rice, was delicious, and so easy! This recipes works with any sort of vegetables, any assortment of spices and oils, and could be put over pasta, quinoa, or just by itself. I would recommend this to anyone, struggling or not. It took 20 minutes at most, and I had leftovers to last me a few more days.

The number one excuse I hear about people not wanting to go vegan is that it’s too expensive. If all your meals are based around meat-substitutes and vegan cheeses, then yes, it’ll be expensive, but if you stick to whole foods, like rice and vegetables, then it’s the same price as a meat-eater’s diet, and just as delicious!


Side-note: Last month marked my first full-year as vegan, and I will definitely say that is has gotten so much easier. I barely have to think twice about my meals because it comes so natural now. If you are on edge about making the transition, I highly recommend it. If I can do it on a budget, on top of a hella busy schedule, then most anyone can!


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