Broke, Vegan, College Student

Long time no see! I have been very busy with work and preparing for school, but now
I’m all moved in and have a little time on my hands! Moving into my new apartment back at school has been great! I no longer have to share a bathroom with twelve other girls, live with my three best friends, and I finally have a kitchen I can do my cooking in! Having my own kitchen means buying my own grocery lists, which I know is not that exciting for most people, but it rocks my socks!

For someone who has struggled with eating issues, have full control over what food is in the apartment is the best. I can buy whole foods like potatoes, broccoli, and beans, and am able to steer clear of all snacks that I tend to binge on. There are no chips, no candy, no sugar, no bad junky food that I would sneak at home. I can eat all the food in the kitchen too! There isn’t a specific “vegan shelf” with my food and the rest full of animal products. I also want to save money on groceries, so I eat three good meals a day and do not binge late at night. I feel really good, but I do have to share what college-budget meals I’ve been eating.

Pretty much every morning I have cereal with almond milk, then for lunch I have a hummus, tomato, and spinach wrap, and dinner is either rice or potatoes with vegetables or pasta. For example, for lunch today, I threw leftover rice, beans, and hummus into a bowl. Is that an actual meal? Most of this food is from the grocery trip my parents took me on, so my meals will definitely get simpler once the first set of groceries runs out lol. I have been here for a little over a week, and my roommates move in tomorrow, so I have had complete control of the kitchen.

I worked a couple days last week and have seen a few of my friends that moved in, but I’ve been relaxing in my apartment by myself, which has surprisingly been really nice! The first few nights were lonely, but having no major responsibilities for the past week has really calmed my mind. I’m just so happy! Classes start next Monday, I’m reuniting with all the friends I haven’t seen all summer, and I’m all settled into my new place. After what was sort of a rough summer, its really good to be back. 🙂

I hope those of you starting school in the next few weeks have a great year, and those of you who are not, no homework or tests, so yay! Good luck with all your endeavors, go vegan, and much love!


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